I won't lie: great sound for your production begins with a great recording. That's why my mixing & mastering services include a free review of your recordings. 
With the feedback I provide, you'll be able to improve your recording quality (if necessary) with the resources you have available at your place. The result is a record that sounds the best it can. 
Mixing Service
- How does it work?
If you have a finished recording that needs mixing, the first step is to tell me about your project. Be sure to specify the scope or idealy provide a download link so I can take a listen. I will treat your material responsibly of course.
Next I'll get back to you with a definitive bid on what you're gonna pay. Due to the vastly varying scope a project can have, I can't provide general definitive rates. Expect something between 50€ to 120€ per song, depending on the track count.
Additionally you can expect a discount for more than 3 songs (4 to 6 songs = EP) and an additional one for more than 6 songs (7+ songs = album).

Rates (rough estimates)
Single (1 to 3 songs): about 90€ per song
EP (4 to 6 songs): about 81€ per song (10% discount)
Album (7+ songs): about 72€ per song (20% discount)

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Mastering Service
- How does it work?
Mastering is the very last step in a production and provides sonical polish and the necessary technical standards for the platform you're releasing on. 
My masters are first and foremost optimized for streaming on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Tidal & Deezer. Additionally they meet the standards of the "mastered for iTunes" (now Apple Music) label. In short: don't worry about any of that. It will sound the best it can on all those platforms!
If you are familiar with the loudness war, expect my masters to be as dynamic as possible, but loud enough to stand up against the big commercial releases. As streaming uses loudness normalization, pointlessly crushed dynamics and brickwalling isn't necessary anymore. I opt for the sweet spot, where your music won't be turned either down or up by the streaming services, which results in optimal sound quality.

Single (1 to 3 songs): about 40€ per song
EP (4 to 6 songs): about 36€ per song (10% discount)
Album (7+ songs): about 32€ per song (20% discount)
additional 20% discount if I'm also mixing the project

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